Our Breeding

Allevamento Poggio di Ponte breeding centre is the result of the strong passion for animals of two best friends, Giacomo (myself) and Tommaso. We decided to start up breeding doves coming from Italy and abroad, in Winter 2001. I bought the first pairs of doves at a local fair, near my hometown. I was so excited that since then, following my passion I have been collecting lots of doves, all different in color, shape and size. So I began to breed them, with lots of efforts and the help of my best friend and our fathers, who share our passion even more strongly.

In 2006 I got my first pair of ducks and geese. I was driven by my father’s huge admiration for these particular and interesting species and by my grandfather’s love for waterfowl. Thanks to them, who were used to breed together, my passion grew stronger, and now I’m breeding a lot of different species and pairs.

Today Allevamento Poggio di Ponte breeding centre includes Doves, Ducks and Geese. And every year it counts new entries. Every spring we are witness to new nature shows and feel new emotions which fill our hearts with joy and happiness. It’s true that ours is an unusual passion, it’s very peculiar, but it is healthy, ecological and inspired to our local rural roots. Allevamento Poggio di Ponte’s website was set mainly to let passionate people like us know more about some animals species. It is through our passion that we can always improve and learn something more about animals. We find out and upload on our website a lot of important publications from all over the world. We take great care of what comes out from our own breeding experience. We would like to share our knowledge about some fundamental aspects of important species with all of you; that’s why not all the species here presented are currently bred in our breeding centre, even though a very high percentage of them live in our centre.