Breeding ducks, geese, doves and wading birds




Wading Birds

Breeding ducks, geese, doves and wading birds

Nothing is impossible. Sometimes it seems difficult to reach our targets in life, but if we feel specific emotions, particular sensations and have a strong passionate mind, little by little, we can overcome difficulties.
Breeding is a particular attitude to life and a very sensitive work. Sometimes you can sadly get very disappointed, especially if you really feel the passion that burns inside of you as a fire in a cold winter. As a breeder, when you reach important goals such as new births or save the life of a tiny duckling, you are the protagonist of a rebirth and you feel deep, intense emotions.
Breeding is sacrifice, it’s time taking, it means experimenting.
Breeding is often a physical, mental effort, but certain expectations, hopes and surprises can be felt and lived only by those who have the luck to consider themselves as "Breeders".

Giacomo and Tommaso, Allevamento Poggio di Ponte, breeding centre